Monday, September 28, 2015


So, this is my first post on blogger!! This blog will be about all my creative exploits and life in Wellington or in our trips! I can post howtos AND game guides and  restoration ideas. Like Halloween costumes and christmas face surprises and even the perfect present ideas! So, I guess WELCOME to the Simply Sienna blog via Wellingtonian exploits!

In my webpage there are quite a few people who make this work, I would like to thank blogger for creating this blog itself and my family for being my inspiration aka my mum for having her own blog and inspiring me to create this and my younger sisters for being the  inspiration be hide all my posts! And finally my dad for creating the running and training posts title and the actually posts!

So, I guess there is quite a few companys  to thank   but, there are to many to count. There'll be post 3 times daily at the most so come back regularly to correspond to the new posts!!

I guess it is time for you to explore so remember the ideas of post section at the top to see if this blog is right for you,


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